Thank you to all the people who participated in the June 21 work bee. We had about 40 participants and managed to get a lot of much-needed work accomplished. If you are still looking for volunteer hours, please check the white board in the greenhouse and the red binder located on the table underneath the white board. Our Volunteer Coordinators do a great job in keeping this information up to date for you.

We are also looking for a volunteer with some irrigation expertise to check out what would be needed to get the irrigation system working in the strawberry patch on the west side of the greenhouse. The pipes are in place but we believe some connections are missing. Please let us know if you can assist.

What was that smell? Someone dumped fish heads in the compost that attracted maggots and flies! Unfortunately, the odour was so intense and lingered throughout the area for a couple of days, driving many of you out of the garden area. A couple of our members have since removed the fish heads, so the smell should quickly diminish. As a reminder: Bringing food scraps from home to put in your own plot or the compost bin is NOT ALLOWED!!!  DO NOT BRING YOUR FOOD WASTE OR GARBAGE to the community garden.