The Abbotsford Community Garden has obtained a Temporary Right to Enter and Clean Up lease from the City of Abbotsford and members have been eagerly volunteering to join the clean-up teams.

Volunteers are only allowed to enter the garden as supervised teams. All volunteers are required to wear personal protective equipment. Please note that general access, even of members, is still not permitted. The lock on the gate has been changed by the City.

The first cleanup bee was on April 13 and the second on April 15. Kudos to these hard-working volunteers. Terrific teamwork, everyone!

These photos show how much volunteers accomplished in one area on Friday

These frames and other structures were lifted by the floodwaters and carried over the black chain link fence into the City’s horticultural area.

Use the blue shed and the black fence for orientation as you view these images.

Our community garden does not extend to the area beyond the six-foot-high black chain link fence, but a surprising amount of gardeners’ structures ended up there.

Intact frames were found far to the east of their original location.

Lumber, fencing, pots and rubbish were everywhere.

The square blue tubs travelled all the way from the Agriculture in the Classroom garden. They are still full of soil.

Volunteers worked tirelessly to move out the debris from this area.

This is the pile of debris volunteers cleared from the area.

The area looks so much better now.