by Anne O’Leary, Herb Garden Volunteer Lead

Our enthusiastic herb team met for the first time in early April. We wondered around identifying most plants, cleared away winter debris, transplanted a few and turned all the soil. Lumber was found to make a new border on the east side and we all felt pretty good about our first dig of the year.

Thus far the garden holds: thyme, chive, oregano, savory, lavender, camomile, sage, bee balm and marjoram.  One member kindly transplanted a large rosemary bush from her plot to the herb garden. We trimmed it and planted the sprigs hoping more will root. Parsley was planted mid April and soon basil and cilantro will follow as the season warms.

Labels are in the making and will be staked soon.

We ask that the new plants have a chance to root and settle before everyone starts to harvest. A few weeks would be great.