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Mower and Weedeater Safety – 2015 Learn about Potato Diseases – 2014 Pests in Our Gardens – 2013 Freezing Vegetables Drying Vegetables

Board of Directors 2019

Karen Bush, president

Jane Pritchard, vice president

Stan Tam, treasurer

Kate Jordan, recording secretary

Shirley Tam, registrar

Sue Seguire, registrar

Teresa Thiessen, correspondence secretary

Heather Kelly, in-kind hours coordinator

Cindy Ritchie, in-kind hours coordinator

Jim Bush, plot maintenance

Taking Care of Business

Abbotsford Community Garden Agreement – 2020

Abbotsford Community Garden Agreement Supplement Guide  – Revised May 2019

2019 AGM – Minutes

2018 AGM – Minutes 


Abbotsford Community Garden Business Binder

The binder of ACG Board meeting minutes is kept in the garden greenhouse office for reference.