by Elsie Friesen, Educational Events Coordinator

Our first Garden Talk of the season on April 25, 2015, went well with 25 in attendance – some new gardeners along with some seasoned ones. Landscape designer Nancy Moore covered some basics as to what helps make a successful year of gardening. Feel free to grow what you will eat and don’t be afraid to try something new. Be a good neighbour. Remember, if you would not want that to happen to you, then don’t do it to others. For example, don’t grow plants over five feet tall or let them expand into the path. Your garden needs to be pruned back so that it does not shade your neighbour’s plants, and allows the mowers to cut the grass.

Talk to fellow gardeners so that you would know when strangers are helping themselves to what is not theirs. If you want to share items, offer them to fellow gardeners or put them in the container for excess produce that goes to the Abbotsford SA soup kitchen. Do not harvest from other’s garden plots – admire but don’t touch! Lock the greenhouse and gate when you are the last to leave. Leave the Ag-in-the-classroom area alone – it is not your responsibility. But feel free to talk to the children when they come for visits – they come to learn. A good way to get to know fellow gardeners is by joining in on work bees, and the community plot care.

Nancy also brought some good demos on how to help your plants survive and thrive. Thank you to all who attended and watch for further talks throughout the gardening season.

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