Our summer guests have arrived!

The Abbotsford Community Garden is the happy host of a pair of young female goats every year. They stay with us for the summer, controlling the blackberries and delighting the children, then rejoin their herd in the fall. A team of trained goat volunteers see to their care under the supervision of our resident animal specialist, Dr. Jane Pritchard.

We usually receive goats that are six months old, but this year our guests are about two months old. They will need to be bottle fed until the end of June. They will stay with us over the summer and provide plenty of entertainment and weed control.

Carousel is black and Crosschecker is brown. Their tiny ears are characteristic of the LaMancha breed, unlike the long-eared Nubians we had last year.


Please leave their maintenance (food, water, and exercise) to our trained volunteers. Last year, our goats got very sick when someone gave them a little extra food. But please visit them as they love the attention.