We sure had a good turn out for our Annual Herb Garden Work Bee on Saturday, May 13, between rain clouds. It shows! Thanks to all.

Since then we have spruced it up even more. We replaced the rosemary which sadly couldn’t survive the cold winter, and trimmed back the bee balm, chives and the oregano.
This past weekend parsley and basil were planted.

So many folks happily stopped by to comment on its beauty. Indeed, spring is the herb garden’s best showing, particularly the flowering chives and thyme against the greens of the garden. Feel free to gather from the oregano, thyme, chives, savoury, tarragon and sage, but please hold off on the parsley, basil and rosemary until the plants are established.

Once again team work helped this garden get a good head start during this season of topsy-turvy weather. Our hope is that all will use it well throughout the summer months and on into the fall.

~ Anne, Herb Garden Team Lead

Herb Garden Work Bee 2017