This post will help us all understand the expectations concerning common pathways. Our community garden has rules and guidelines to keep it a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. These can be found in the Abbotsford Community Garden Agreement and the Abbotsford Community Garden Agreement Supplement Guide. Every member should review these two documents regularly.

Plot Maintenance

  • You must keep your plot weeded and prevent plants from growing beyond the borders of your plot. Please prevent vegetation from overtaking walkways and adjacent plots.
  • Gardeners are responsible for weeding and trimming all edges of their plots. Weeds must not be allowed to go to seed. Neighborhood pathways must be kept clear of rocks, wire, wood, garbage, tools or any other material.


  • Fences must be located within the plot area and constructed in such a way that all supports are situated on the inside of the fence. This is done to facilitate mowing the pathways.
  • Non-injurious materials permitting movement of light and air will be considered.

Plot Boundary

  • The corner stakes of your garden plot are the property of Abbotsford Community Garden and may not be removed. Any items outside plot boundaries are considered to be communal property.
  • Plants outside plot boundaries may be mowed or weed-whacked by the lawn maintenance team.
  • Garden paths must be kept clear of all obstacles such as carts, wheelbarrows, tools, building material, bricks and stones, lawn chairs, and hoses.