ACG members, be sure to mark Saturday morning, September 16, on your calendar. We hope to see many gardeners at the work bee from 9:30 to 11:30 am. It’s a small commitment in time, and we’ll get a lot done if we have a great turnout. This is also an excellent opportunity to complete your in-kind hours if you haven’t logged enough time yet.

As well as general clean-up, we have some special projects to complete:

  • Could a few of you please plan to use your trucks to haul away some debris that has accumulated?
  • Could some of you bring drills, drill bits and hammers since we hope to install the permanent garden plot number markers and poles? Muscle power will be welcome too.
  • Could the tool maintenance crew to show up in full force to get everything in working condition?

Please plan to come. Whatever your health or skill level, there are opportunities to contribute.We want to get many different areas of the garden and greenhouse cleaned up and ready for winter.

Remember that your in-kind hours are part of the cost of renting your plot. Many hands make light work!