Gardeners are reminded that these important protocols are in effect at the garden.

Maintain distance from other gardeners

The six-foot / two-metre guideline is a MINIMUM distance that must be kept at all times.

  • When you walk past a plot, you are likely within that gardener’s six-foot bubble. Try to go around plots and gardeners to ensure that there is at least six feet of distance between you.
  • Maintain physical distance from plots beside watering stations. Call out to any nearby gardener and give them time to move away as you approach the hose station.
  • Be aware that when you stop to talk with a fellow gardener, you may be encroaching on their comfortable distance from you.  Everyone has a different level of comfort during this time so please be considerate of other people’s concerns by keeping your distance. 

Wear gloves at all times

This applies from the moment you enter the gate until the time that you leave the garden.

Wear a mask when in the greenhouse

Masks and gloves must be worn when in the greenhouse because it is an indoors public space.

Pack out your garbage

Take your garbage home with you and dispose of it safely there. Do not leave garbage in the greenhouse bins. Do not put wood or plastic in the compost bunker which is for plant debris from the gardens only.

 Do not hang around or socialize

Spend the shortest amount of time possible at the garden. Do what is essential in your plot or for your in-kind hours and then leave. 

Stay away if you are sick

If you have any symptoms of COVID or are feeling unwell, stay away from the garden until you are well again. The GOOD NEIGHBOUR team can help with your plot if you are unwell. Email to ask for the team’s assistance.

Please remember that ACG board members are volunteers. They give many extra hours and much energy to keeping our community garden running smoothly. Be considerate, respectful and kind to them. Criticizers and complainers create more problems, not solutions. Let’s commit to being supportive in every way possible.