Losing the ability to grow fresh vegetables, as well as the mental and physical benefits of working outside in the soil, would have felt like quite a hardship, so we are thankful that we can continue to garden our plots at the Abbotsford Community Garden. However, until COVID-19 is no longer a danger, we have extra rules to follow. Please note that your compliance is required regardless of your personal opinions about the pandemic.

Follow These Rules

  • Stay at the garden for the shortest amount of time possible. Do what is essential in your plot and then leave. Do not hang around or socialize.
  • Give other gardeners plenty of space. Stay at least 2 metres away from any gardener you do not live with.
  • Wear gloves the whole time you are at the garden and wash them when you get home. Wear gloves even when you open the padlocks.
  • Bring your own tools from home if at all possible.
  • Take your garbage home with you and dispose of it safely there. Do not leave garbage in the greenhouse bins.
  • The garden washroom is not available. Make other plans.
  • Comply with all federal, provincial and local government measures for public safety.

Other Decisions

The Abbotsford Community Garden will use a digital AGM format this year which will consist of a written report and an online vote. This will be sent to members at the email address they used when they signed up for a plot.

New member registration has been cancelled this season in order to avoid adding to the number of gardeners on site.

There will be no compost delivery this year.

This Is a Time for Co-operation

Our community garden is on City of Abbotsford property. We have often reminded ourselves that we are guests of the City. Now in this time of global crisis, it’s more important than ever to be the best guests we can possibly be.

And from the out-going president of the Abbotsford Community Garden Society, this is well worth repeating:

Please remember that ACG board members are volunteers. They give many extra hours and much energy to keeping our community garden running smoothly. Be considerate, respectful and kind to them. Criticizers and complainers create more problems, not solutions. Let’s commit to being supportive in every way possible.

Remember that you can reach the board by email at administrator@abbotsfordcommunitygarden.com.