With the long sunny days and warm temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, our community squash patch is thriving. The summer squash are in full production and the winter squash and pumpkins are taking shape nicely. A few of those pumpkins promise to be spectacular.

Our squash patch coordinators, Linda and Gilbert, have grown a great assortment of plants and kindly provide this guide to the varieties you’ll find this year. As well, you’ll notice that names and pictures are nailed to the bed frames for easy reference. Take a look. You may see a few you’ve never tried before. Be sure to only pick what is in season. It would be a waste to take an unripe winter squash or let a summer squash grow to giant size.


If you’re not familiar with our community patch guidelines, the concept is simple. Harvest a small amount – what you would reasonably use in one meal – so that all garden members have a chance to share in the bounty. And remember to give back by helping out with the weeding and watering of the community areas.

Community Garden Squash Patch