The Abbotsford Community Garden is a not-for-profit society governed by a volunteer board of directors. Below are the director positions for the 2019-20 year, with terms beginning after the Annual General Meeting.

Are you interested in serving on the board? An amiable attitude, positive communication abilities, and good organizational skills are important. As a board member, you will fulfill far more than the required 6 in-kind hours by attending board meetings and taking care of the business associated with your position. 



  • Organize and chair Board of Directors meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Support other directors in the execution of their duties
  • Maintain Society status
  • Serve as a signing authority for banking
  • Take a lead role in recruiting and developing new board members
  • Liaison with the City of Abbotsford and Ag in the Classroom

Vice President

  • Assist the president
  • Carry out the duties of the president if the president is unable to act

Recording Secretary

  • Take notes at all meetings
  • Write the minutes and circulate to the board

Correspondence Secretary

  • Manage the Abbotsford Community Garden email account
  • Monitor incoming emails several times a week throughout the growing season and once a week during the winter
  • Reply to incoming emails as required, or forward to the appropriate board member for further follow-up
  • Send out bulk emails to the membership as supplied by president and board


  • Receive and bank monies collected from the members or other sources
  • Keep accounting records in respect of the Abbotsford Community Garden’s financial transactions
  • Prepare the Abbotsford Community Garden’s financial statements
  • Make the Abbotsford Community Garden’s filings respecting taxes
  • Maintain the insurance for the Abbotsford Community Garden
  • File the annual report of the Abbotsford Community Garden and making any other filings with the registrar under the Societies Act
  • Making banking arrangements.

Registration Coordinator

  • Provide gardeners’ lease agreement
  • Manage spring and fall registration events
  • Register abandoned plots through the season
  • Maintain contact list and team list for all members

Plot Maintenance Coordinator

  • Provide guidance on individual plot maintenance as per the garden guidelines
  • Complete regular walk-throughs to ensure garden plots are maintained (mid-April to end of September or as per the growing season)
  • Communicate with individual gardeners if plot adjustments are required
  • Keep documentation and photos of issues addressed


  • Manage the Abbotsford Community Garden Facebook page
  • Maintain the Abbotsford Community Garden website
  • Manage the Abbotsford Community Garden webhosting account
  • Publish relevant content to the appropriate platform (supplied by the president and board)

Volunteer Co-ordinators

  • Create record sheet for in-kind hours of each plot holder (binders)
  • Supply team leads with their contact lists after AGM
  • Touch base with team leads throughout the season to provide support
  • At end of season, tally in-kind hours and report shortfalls in preparation for the fall re-registration