The Abbotsford Community Garden is a not-for-profit society that operates in co-operation with the City of Abbotsford on land generously made available to us by the city. The community garden is managed by a volunteer board of directors. We depend on the work of these faithful people to keep our garden running smoothly.

Every year we invite our members to volunteer themselves, or to nominate fellow gardeners for positions on the board. We are looking for folks with a positive attitude, an ability to communicate well, and good organizational skills. Board members fulfill the required 6 in-kind hours (and more) by attending board meetings and taking care of the business associated with their responsibilities. 

For the 2020 season we particularly need someone to take on the volunteer co-ordinator job. This person organizes the in-kind hours that keep our garden functioning smoothly.

First, a few words about the in-kind system. We pay for the privilege of our garden plot each year with a small $ fee and 6 in-kind hours. This community effort is what keeps our garden growing and thriving. Garden members who do not complete their six hours of in-kind work disqualify themselves for gardening here the following year. The Abbotsford Community Garden can only be sustainable if we each do our fair share; kudos to the many gardeners who do much more than that.

Under our current system, every plot holder signs up to be part of a work team. Team Leads keep the team organized and productive, and make sure no one gets missed. Plot holders are entitled to credit for in-kind hours worked in the area they signed up for at registration, but not random acts of kindness or other garden activities. These are appreciated, of course, but are not part of the in-kind hour system.

The role of the volunteer co-ordinator(s) involves these responsibilities:

  • Create a record sheet for in-kind hours of each plot holder (binders)
  • Supply team leads with their contact lists after the AGM and new member registration
  • Touch base with team leads throughout the season to provide support
  • At end of season, tally in-kind hours and report shortfalls in preparation for the fall re-registration

Our beloved community garden is worth supporting. Please think about it.