Are you ever curious when you come to the garden and find something has been chewing your plants? Tracy Hueppelsheuse, a fellow ACG gardener who also just happens to be an entomologist, shares these photos of a few afflicted plants and the insects that caused the damage.

Pea Leaf Weevil
The pea leaf weevil causes these lovely notches along the edges of newly emerging pea plants. Peas will generally outgrow the damage and turn out fine, however, heavy infestation may kill new plants.

Kale Crucifer Flea Leaf Beetle

In this photo, crucifer flea beetles are feeding on kale leaves. This is a common pest in our gardens. Both the beetle and larvae feed on the plant.


Here we see crucifer flea beetles feeding on radish leaves.

A helpful document by Tracy about local insect pests can be found on the Resources page of this website: