Plot Availability

Each fall, member gardeners are given the opportunity to renew their registration for the next season. Any plots not claimed at the end of the year become available to new community gardeners the following spring. This spring registration is held at the garden site on the corner of Delair Road and Angus Campbell Road at a specific date and time on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration dates are announced on this page.

This community garden is managed by volunteers, so we try to reduce the administration time required to allocate plots. We do not keep a waiting list. Instead, we host registration dates, one in April, and possibly another in May if any plots are given up or are forfeited due to failure to comply with the Abbotsford Community Garden Agreement.

We are sorry to announce that due restraints caused by the COVID-10 outbreak, new member registration has been cancelled this spring. 

Video Credit

Produced in 2010 by Pathfinder Productions

Keith Dobie — videographer

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