Our new goats have arrived. This year our goats are part La Mancha in their heritage, which gives them those cute little ears and their placid and happy temperament. Their names are Dark (the white one), and Day (the black one). They are sisters, born January 7, 2016, and come from a local organic goat dairy, Goat’s Pride, that kindly lends them to us for the season. In the fall they will return to Goat’s Pride to enter the milking herd next year.

Their job in the community garden is to control the invasive blackberry canes the creep in towards our plots. They do this very well in the one pen on the side of the hill on the north side of the plots, and also when their care givers walk them around the site and let them munch in the areas of dense blackberry growth. The goats actually love to eat the blackberry leaves and if they eat all the leaves for two years in a row, the cane dies.